Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cure for Cancer Powers Engines

Be ready to add John Kanzius to the list of accidental inventors who changed the way society operates. While working to cure cancer using radio frequencies, he accidentally set flame to a beaker full of salt water. If any of you have tried (I myself have not) I'm sure you found that salt water is not the most flammable substance around. They haven't quite figured out why this happens, they only know it's some dynamic between the salt and the radio frequencies (it doesn't work in pure water). They've even gone so far as to power a small engine with it just to see if it could be a feasible power source, and so far it looks promising.

There are a lot of different options coming out in modern science to try and break us away from our oil dependency. Just open up any given Popular Science or Popular Mechanics magazine and I can almost guarantee you there's at least one article in there about some up-and-coming technology to replace oil. Electric cars, floating magnetic railways, flat wind generators that oscillate a magnet back and forth within a copper wire as opposed to a traditional windmill style, it seems to me that the problem isn't that we don't have any new ideas for energy sources, but rather that there are so many other ways that it's hard to channel enough money and resources into one particular idea.

Here's a video demonstration of the potential future engine: