Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Attention Potential iPod Buyers!

I just recently had another iPod crap out on me, so please for your own sakes DON'T BUY these worthless things. My old 20 GB iPod wouldn't load past the apple icon and I couldn't re-format it no matter how many tricks I attempted from the internet, my old 512 MB shuffle started jumping into random PARTS of the song as opposed to random songs, then my newer 1 GB shuffle (the ones that clip on to things) won't turn on or register on my computer at all. Now, I've never personally used a Zune either, but I hear they're not a whole lot better.

My advice would be the Creative Zen player. Not only do they get really good ratings for reliability and durability, but if you're just out looking for the cheapest player, a 4 Gig Zen costs only $94 whereas the iPod Nano of equal storage costs $134 and the Zune reaches up to $149! If you want higher end models, from around 30 GB and up, the Zen's start to cost a little bit more, but personally I feel that once I'm spending over $100 anyway, I should probably spend a little bit more up front to ensure that the investment lasts. This is especially true after losing 3 iPods (2 were gifts. I wouldn't have kept buying them in the first place...)